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Ancient yogic wisdom to face modern day challenges.

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Bali Yoga Wien

an International Online Yoga Platform powered by

Beate McLatchie


a consistent yoga practice * ancient philosophies for modern woes * holistic self-care * community spirit 

gender & race equality * social fairness  * protection of the environment * ethical treatment of animals


practice into freedom


“Through my international on- and offline platform, it is essential for me to teach yoga through and beyond physical exercises (asanas) within a regular group  practice. As a response to powerful current events and challenges, ancient yogic philosophies teach us to discover our freedom through staying present, strengthening our connection and finding contentment  – even in the midst of separation and chaos. Guided by this ancient wisdom, I love to synchronise intricate body alignment and therapeutic yoga with free movement, dance and meditation, revealing the teacher and healer within. This restores our body’s architecture naturally, while simultaneously balancing both sides of the brain and stimulating a myriad of our individual  body & mind webbing.”

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Online Bali Offerings

How do I register for online classes?


  • 90min Bali Yoga with Beate every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6:45 (Vienna) online
  • 45min Bali Yoga Bootcamps Tuesday and Thursday at 07:00 (Vienna), 13:00 (Bali) online


  • 90min Community Class with various teachers online every Thursday at 19:00 (Vienna) – now summer break
  • 30min Community Meditation every Wednesday at 6:00 (Vienna), 12:00 (Bali)


The previous Bali Yoga Wien studio in the heart of Vienna has been sold to Bali Yoga Wien pre-purchased blocks (bought before September 2020) can still be used with Beate in her online classes & videos or directly at the Alkemy Studio when you buy a new 5 or 10 block!