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Teacher Training

You want to start teaching yoga or deepen your practice? Beate’s trainings are in Vienna and Bali.

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Guidance to find again what you always had

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Bali Yoga Wien


is an international online Yoga Platform offering you



  • all level 90min practice every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6:45 online
  • 45 minute Bali Yoga Bootcamps Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 online



  • 90 min Community Class with various teachers online every Thursday at 19:00
  • 30min Community Meditation every Wednesday at 6:00




The previous Bali Yoga Wien studio in the heart of Vienna has been sold to

The new Alkemy Yoga & Healing Studio is now open again, yay! Bali Yoga Wien pre-purchased blocks (bought before September 2020) can still be used with Beate in her online classes  (described above) and video replay recordings to be booked here. Your online products with Beate have no limited validity. You may also use your old Bali Yoga blocks directly at the Alkemy Studio when you buy a new 5 or 10 block!

How do I register for online classes! Explanation here



Beate combines East and the West

through Bali Yoga Wien,

which stands for balancing out dualities, the yin with the yang, the male with the female, the dark with the light. Our focus is on a holistic yoga practice, that respects the connection of body, mind and soul, as well as the oneness of Atman (the individual soul) and Brahman (the universal consciousness). This ultimately connects us to ourselves, others and the environment & animal kingdom.

Bali Yoga Wien therefore embraces holistic self-care, community, gender & race equality, environmental activism and ethical treatment of animals.

The Balinese Principle Tri Hita Karana summarizes this very well:

Harmony between people
Harmony with nature
Harmony with higher powers