March: Transitions

Through our practice on the mat we can explore how mindful we are of our bodies, movements and breath when moving in and out of asanas.

Do we pay attention to our bodies and breath and allow ourselves enough space to transition safely and with ease? Are we rushed to get out of one pose and into the next or do we keep the same strength and attention in the movements in between? Do we notice a difference in how an asana feels and how accessible a pose is if we move into it in a different way, e.g. not always going into a pose from down-dog or sequencing differently.

These observations from our yoga practice can be integrated into our daily lives: Are we mindful of how we feel in those periods when we are leaving one situation and are moving into the next? Do we rush or do we take time to reflect, evaluate and set new intentions?

Transitions in life can be uncomfortable as we are leaving something familiar and are stepping into something which has yet to become familiar. In this space do we allow ourselves to “get comfortable being uncomfortable”? Are we always just waiting to get to the next thing or do we give ourselves permission and space to be and breath in the here and now?

As much as our yoga practice allows us to become aware of how we approach transitions it also teaches us to move through them more gracefully and keep us grounded as we do so.

by Carina Hilmar

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