In the end, everything begins to be good

by Sylvia Grotsch

Ok, I hope you’ll forgive me for deliberately choosing a curiosity-inducing title here. It simply had to be, because the message, which is written there in a certain constellation to the sky, I simply must spread 🙂

Just also because I observe in my consultations, that fear and anxiety have spread quite widely in the last time. When we look at the conditions out there, the violence, the disrespect and a government that apparently no longer cares about the concerns of the citizens, then it is also understandable. So I just have to come up with something now, that puts all of this back into perspective.

What you are reading now is not a complete “forecast” for the year 2020, that comes as always between the years on the newslichter.de. However, I am already sitting on the preparations and have discovered something, that I simply can not withhold from you for so long.

The times become again more freely and more openly

On 21.12.2020 a “conjunction” forms between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Conjunction means, that the two are side by side in the zodiac, at 00.28 degrees in Aquarius.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on 12/21/2020 at 18:17 GMT.

At the word “Aquarius” alone, I breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve had so many years (since 2008) of an emphasis on the zodiac sign of Capricorn, that it’s time for a change.

Perhaps, like me, you also had the impression, that the thumbscrews are being tightened and tightened on the part of the state (Capricorn). As an example I just want to mention, that a politician can simply decide, that a child is vaccinated and at the same time I want to emphasise, that I am not (!) an opponent of vaccination.

But I am for education, for open discussion between supporters and opponents, and I am for freedom of speech. In the last two or three years, however, I have grown the impression, that only certain views are acceptable. If you look at something from a different point of view, you can quickly end up in a corner, where you don’t belong. So I’m not surprised, that I hear time and again, that even at harmless birthday parties people no longer dare to speak their minds openly.

The state-imposed vaccination is just one example. Another is that some “Greens” want to put it to a vote, that homeopathy should no longer be paid for by health insurers, arguing that the effect of homeopathy has not been scientifically proven. What “science” really is, how it works and where its limits also lie, is not discussed. Nor is it discussed, that there are other levels which cannot be grasped with the present methods of science, but which nevertheless have an effect.

The astrological constellations of the last years

Astrologically I can understand, what is going on out there right now. Because in addition to Pluto in Capricorn, we are currently in an increasingly tight conjunction of PLUTO and SATURN.

Pluto-Saturn is an aspect of opinion rigidity, opinion dictatorship and the ever increasing curtailment (Pluto) of individual rights (Saturn). Interest groups get their way, no matter what the cost. At present this goes even so far that some already fear, that we will have Chinese conditions in a few years, in which citizens are supervised and judged according to a point system.

Strictly speaking, the Pluto-Saturn theme has been working since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn. This is because the planet that rules the zodiac sign of Capricorn is Saturn, so we have a Pluto-Saturn theme all the time when Pluto passes through Capricorn.

The theme was intensified when Saturn also entered Capricorn in December 2017, then I expect the climax in early 2020 when the two – Pluto and Saturn – make an exact “conjunction” in Capricorn. This then ends on Jan. 12, 2020, after which the two detach from each other, but continue to have an effect throughout 2020 until Saturn enters Aquarius together with Jupiter at the end of December.

It is conceivable that until then, attempts will be made to get people even more under control and to further restrict their scope. The dictation of opinions will probably increase and the associated control and exclusion of dissenters as well.

And yet I look at this with a certain inner distance (one of the many advantages of being involved in astrology). If the indicators in the sky show it, then it is just time to play out these issues on Earth. Not that Pluto and Saturn will “do” this, it is more the mandate for us to position ourselves here. Do I run after the dictates of opinion that are currently in place, or do I have the courage and integrity (the other side of Saturn) to stand by my opinion (Pluto) and follow what I believe is right?

The answer must be given by everyone himself. In my consultations, however, my statement here is always the same: Stand by yourself and go your way.


And nevertheless: It will get better again!

Let’s wait and see what will become apparent when the Pluto-Saturn constellation reaches its peak at the beginning of 2020, but at the same time also begins to dissolve. What is certain is that the quality of time will begin to change as Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius in late 2020.

This does not mean that happiness will now be poured out on us, but the next twenty years from the end of 2020 will be under the sign of freedom, individuality and decentralization. People who want to dictate to us will finally find no more quality time, because a new consciousness is awakening. However, more freedom also means more responsibility and thus mankind is entering a new phase of development.

Here I sketch you already the possibilities, which will develop starting from end of 2020:

… New thinking
* The long-awaited paradigm shift is coming. The “old” science with its truths will be supplemented by other, revolutionary ways of thinking. The previous science will no longer be able to determine alone what is true and what is not. Old insights, which have long existed in spirituality, will come more to the fore.
* Thereby the “alternative thinking” takes more and more space, but it also has to put up with an examination, which uses other criteria than the previous science.
* People’s perception will change and we will be able to use more – so far closed – areas of our brains. Knowledge will become more important than consumption
* New spiritual teachers will emerge that will give us greater access to our “true home”. People will realize that they are in origin a spiritual being who came here only to have experiences. Thus, the “materialistic age”, which considers man only as a mere collection of cells, is coming to an end.

… Political and social changes
* A change of system is taking place. The previous way of government has had its day (“I decide and you do what I say”). Co-operation and collaboration will become the maxim. Decentralization will increase, the individual will once again be the focus of attention, his or her rights to freedom will be strengthened and he or she will get back some of the things that have been taken away from him or her in recent times.
Imbalances to the disadvantage of certain population groups are likely to be corrected again.
* Access to the Internet will be free; the rampant monopolization in the economy will be stopped. As a result, breakups of previously market-dominant companies are also likely to occur
* New products and therapies that serve to heal individuals, but also society as a whole and nature, will become widespread
* Thus, it is also finally to be expected that the school system will change, with the aim of promoting the uniqueness of children.

… Strengthening of individual responsibility

* Individuality and freedom will be demanded from us. The “hand-holding” towards father state will come to an end and we will learn to take more responsibility for ourselves.
* Of course, a citizen’s income would also be conceivable, but then everything would be covered. Who wants more, must provide for it himself
Since we can no longer expect everything “from above”, groups, friends and family will once again become more important. Togetherness and mutual helpfulness will be developed more strongly, since we can no longer obtain our security from a government (nor should we).
* Of course, this won’t all happen by the end of 2020. The end of 2020 is just the beginning, as the effect of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius extends over 20 years.

  • And as with every far-reaching change, developments can be expected in the corresponding period that may not be to everyone’s liking. For individuals, as well as politics, science and business, will not simply let go of their previous power. But what people sometimes ask themselves now, namely, “Why doesn’t anyone fight back?” – is exactly what will begin to happen. People will wake up and demand a humane society.
  • It is also to be expected that within the twenty-year period of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction something will change with our money to return to a monetary system that is based on a certain equivalent value. Exactly when and how this will take place, I do not know.

However, when I see what is in store due to the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, I am positive that we are now finally on the way to a more humane society. Of course, this path will not always be smooth and easy, especially in the early years, because for the first four years after 2020 Pluto is still in Capricorn (that is, until 2024) and brings forces on the scene that want to hold on to old conditions. But it is no different in our personal lives. We always need a certain time until we have changed from one phase in our life to another.

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