COVID precautions

We continue with preventative measures at the studio, please join us, yay!

🌸Our number of participants is limited for each Shala please always pre-register or sign out when you have to cancel
🌸 Please come on time for the yoga class, so that you have enough time for the check-in and the laying out of your mat. Thank you so much!


🌸 We greet you with a smile and a warm Namaste instead of hugs and handshakes.
🌸 Please, bring your own yoga mat and a blanket for your practice.  Of course, you can use    our mats and clean them well with our cleaners (alcohol added) but to have your own might just feel good. Also you can add your blanket on top of our blankets or bolsters.
🌸  Please disinfect the mats, chairs and yoga blocks after using
🌸 Our teachers are not making hands-on adjustments at the moment, but verbal ones.
🌸  If you are not in good health (cold, cough, temperature,…) we ask you kindly to practice yoga at home with us online.
🌸 Please regularly wash your hands with soap (min. 20 seconds; we have also added alcohol to our soap) and use hand disinfectant before and after the yoga session – you will find our homemade disinfectant distributed throughout the studio in the designated dispensers.
🌸 A very good way to practice mindfulness is not to touch your face.
🌸 Please use disposable tissues and dispose of them directly. They are distributed all over the studio.
🌸 Please bring your own reusable and plastic free water bottle with you.
🌸 Our studio, props and door handles get regularly disinfected and cleaned