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April, 2020


„April, April, he does what he wants“ – every moment changes, like the April weather; the only constant is permanent change. One feels uncertainty about the unusual, but also anxious expectation of what may come. I personally choose the light. I choose that this time is here to cleanse and improve everything in us and around us, to create well-being and equality for ALL on this planet. We have gone too far with our destruction, the nature-loving natives of Canada teach us, and we all know that deep inside ourselves – for so long. But didn’t know how to turn the wheel – especially the hamster wheel – just around again? Now is the time, uff! Even though we will first have to squirm through the dark cocoon and make compromises, but we will finally learn how to treat ourselves, our lives, nature and the animals and especially, how to treat our environment the way we want to be treated. And to remember, who we really are in our very essence. That we are Light and that the meaning of life is not the building of one sand castle after another. But what is the real meaning? Can I be well, if I oppress or exploit others? It is perhaps the greatest opportunity, that humanity has ever had? Talking and hoping is no longer enough. Where do I start then?  With sadhana. What is sadhana? My spiritual practice – physical asanas on the mat, chanting, singing, dancing, devotion, meditation, pranayama, writing & studying of yourself and spiritual texts, but also karma yoga, selfless service. On the one hand, going inside is the answer – this is keeping us stabil on all levels and gives us our strong foundation. WE don’t have to depend on outside factors for contentment and stability. And from here we can help the earth on the other side, like an eagle with broad vision, to protect and heal humanity, the planet and its animals. And only then can we all thrive again, together in heightened consciousness, peace and oneness. But what do I do if this fear, this uncertainty spreads on the way there? … this is the monthly topic of this newsletter. 

In line with this, there is our new Facebook group „We keep dancing„-an impulse to dance to keep our vibration/mood high!
There are two motivating videos for the monthly topic: one by our dear yoga student Ewa Jozefowicz and one by Eckard Tolle with practical instructions. Our monthly text on Fear was written by our dear Daniela Hinderer, such a talented author.

Our online timetable has grown & refined, and the prices are adapted to the current times.  Requests for financial support are gladly accepted.

And … meditate, meditate, meditate – every day we advise you to surrender to silence – a few tips below.

We are very happy to practice with you online!

Wishing you form the heart love, courage and  health – together we are strong!

Beate & your Bali Yoga Vienna Team

PS: Light is stronger than everything, believe in it, stay hopeful, see the good, the present and the gratefulness.


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