Bali Yoga Bootcamp

5 Days of

Spring Cleanse Online

Recharge your body and mind!

Above all let’s move and have fun together!

April 26 – 30th, 2021 

5x/75min/week – Monday – Friday

Vienna 07:00 – 08:15/ Bali 13:00 – 14:15 / Sydney 15:00 – 16:15

However, the daily recordings are available to you for 72 hour, so you can enjoy them anytime,

This second Bali Yoga Bootcamp Intensive of the year 2021 is again online via Zoom, but live from the yoga studio at Desa Seni in Bali, yay!

This yoga week will catapult us back into shape after the Lent Fasting times – not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually to be ready for the challenges & opportunities that lay ahead in 2021!

We will explore different angles on how to cleanse in and outside, to widen our horizon and open up to new perspectives, that are so needed right now as the old is gone and the new arising! We will accompany our rigorous daily asana practice with yogic and modern cleansing techniques, but also add mental and emotional exercises. Every day will have a specific theme, inspired by ancient Yogic & Vedic Philosophies to dive deeper into the unseen stepping up in mental clarity, presence, strength and humour in this Age of Awakening – the Age of Aquarius!

The yogic cleansing techniques we will explore are called shat kriyas and we will practice a few of them. As for the modern techniques, we will look into early morning routines before the asana practice such as tongue cleaning, oil pulling, body brushing & supplements like charcoal/salts and smoothies. If you don’t feel like any of that ‘detox stuff’, just enjoy the rigorous asana practice, that will definitely get you sweating, moving and breathing, working on exactly the zones, that you want to tighten, strengthen and lengthen, which combined with the breath and just water is enough detox on its own!

In true bootcamp fashion we will soft-whip our bodies back into shape, in just those areas, that want a re-set, with a combination of bold fitness exercises with body weight, hand weights and/or resistance bands, rigorous sun salutations and yoga asanas using yoga props, blocks, belts and chairs or nothing at all! The latest music beats combined with oldies and chants will accompany our natural rhythms.

This form of yoga asana practice is a combination of hatha, vinyasa, Iyengar inspired, power yoga, kundalini, dance and free movement. Additional stretching, deep breathing, pranayama, meditation, relaxation techniques and yin & restorative poses combined with fitness moves round up a magical experience, that will leave you wanting more of yourself and life, while getting you ready for your path/dharma in a world, that awaits the New You and a New Earth.

€ 75. – for 5 x 75 min per week  (family & partners are welcome to join at home)

The daily recordings  are available to you for 72 hour, so you can enjoy them anytime, whenever is fit for you during the day or you can even do them twice or more!

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