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For beginners we suggest attending a Beginner’s Course first before visiting Basic und OpenLevel – Rückenyoga, Yin and Therapeutic Yoga – practices; we recommend Vinyasa Flow and all other OpenLevel classes after 3 – 6 months regular practice!

Please note that Beginner’s Courses are not Open Level classes. To attend it is required to sign up for the whole 10 week course prior to the starting date.


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October – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Pada 1

In Indian mythology there is a beautiful legend about the sage Patanjali, who is considered to be the father of Yoga. Patanjali’s mother, Gonika, was praying to the Sun God for a worthy son. Devotedly she took a handful of water to offer it to the Sun God in her meditation upon him. Suddenly, a tiny snake appeared in her hand and began to take on human form. A man emerged who asked her to take him as her son. Gonika did and named him Patanjali – meaning Pata, fallen, and Anjali, oblation or ‘hands folded in prayer’.

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