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Holistic Traditional Yoga with a Modern Twist for Everyone

Our Yoga Studio and carefully hand selected teachers offer you an international platform; therefore, upon request, we teach any class in English. If you are a  beginner or advanced, our schedule (below) fits your style, your body and your mood with our daily abundance of different, creative and diversified yoga classes: from demanding Vinyasa, Jivamukti and Bali Yoga Bootcamp practices to yoga-therapeutic, Heal-Your-Back, Spinal Mobility and alignment based Hatha Yoga lessons to Meditation & totally relaxed Yin Yoga practices, a broad spectrum is awaiting you (class descriptions here). Weekly Asana (physical posture)- and monthly Yoga Philosophy– themes let you dive deeper into this ancient source of wisdom.

Enjoy every Saturday a free Community Class and regularly once a month our popular Bhakti Mantra Singing as well as our 2,5 Stunden non-stop Yin Yoga Workshop. International Events, Retreats and  Yoga Teacher Trainings complete our “Bali offering” for you.

Why Bali?  Beate: “After 22 years of island experience on Bali, having returned to Vienna, I’m eager to share my eastern experiences and studies with the western world. Bali is a traditional and spiritual place and has inspired me and Bali Yoga Wien to holistic and traditional yoga and a conscious lifestyle.  Expect in our classes a “Bali Magical” interplay of body, mind and soul: Yoga Asanas with focus on breathing, strengthening, relaxation and alignment are accompanied by Yoga philosophy, chants, meditation and often music to inspire you to find your center.”


“Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do!”  Rumi



For beginners we suggest to attend a Beginner’s Course first, before visiting Basic and OpenLevel – Rückenyoga, Yin and Therapeutic Yoga – practices; we recommend Vinyasa Flow and all other OpenLevel classes after 3 – 6 months regular practice!

Please note that Beginner’s Courses are not Open Level classes. To attend, it is required to sign up for the whole 10 week course prior to the starting date.


Theme of the Month

February – Bhakti Yoga

One of the many beauties of yoga is, that it has so many different approaches, fitting the character and the mood of each individual. Some people approach life intellectually, they need and want to study, read and find “mental” clarity. Yoga offers to them Jnana Yoga – the yoga of wisdom and study of self. Others find fulfillment in serving others, become doctors, or teachers  for example:  their path, so yoga says, is selfless service – Karma Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the way through the body. This is for the athlete in us, for the ones in physical pain and for the ones who choose that movement is their way to liberation. Another way to approach life is the path of the heart  – Bhakti Yoga  is the answer here. Originally there were these four different paths of yoga (Jnana, Bhakti, Karma & Hatha), which have split further into seven paths, also sometimes referred to as “The Wheel of Yoga” (please find all the details here).

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