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Give the gift of Yoga with our vouchers

  Our vouchers are available for our xmas specials, any product or for any amount you wish.

 You may buy them directly over the online shop or in the studio.

Xmas offers available until December 23rd and may be used at ANY TIME.


For beginners we suggest attending a Beginner’s Course first before visiting Basic und OpenLevel – Rückenyoga, Yin and Therapeutic Yoga – practices; we recommend Vinyasa Flow and all other OpenLevel classes after 3 – 6 months regular practice!

Please note that Beginner’s Courses are not Open Level classes. To attend it is required to sign up for the whole 10 week course prior to the starting date.


Theme of the Month

December – Presents & Presence

This time of year is special in many ways. It’s a time that can be filled with great fun and joy: friends returning back home, families gathering together and flying in from all over the world, parties, xmas markets, gift giving and receiving. It’s also a time of change and darkness as we draw closer and closer to the shortest day and the end of the year. Many of us spend these short days looking for gifts to give, finding just the right present for just the right person… I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately, this idea of presents. Or really– presence.

What would it be like if we exchanged presence instead of presents?

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