108 Sun Salutations and Mantra

Sunday, January 21st | 1:30pm – approx. 4:00pm

108 Sun Salutations and Mantras with Iwona and Roland

Feel the energy of sun salutations, learn how to overcome internal and external resistance, quiet your mind and dive deep into this powerful and transforming moving meditation.

You will flow 108 times through sun salutations, Surya Namaskar with Iwona and Roland – this will be a challenging and dynamic yoga praxis.

You will be supported through the postive affirmations of the Surya Mantras. Dedicate your practice to a special theme, which will be with you in this new year and become aware of what it is worth to really let go to this theme.

Through sun salutations our physical body is cleansed and strengthened, all systems are balanced. Our mind becomes more even and our self-confidence is raised. All our chakras are aligned and we raise our prana level (our energies), which gives us a glowing and clear presence.

Why 108?

Why does a mala have 108 beads and why do we practice 108 sun salutations? Here you will find out why the number 108 is auspicious and carries great spiritual significance.

The chakras are energy centers throughout the body and crossingpoint of energy channels. The heart chakra is the crossing point for 108 energy channels.

Much of hinduistic thought is found in the Upanishads, which is a collection of philosophical scriptures and form part of the Vedas. Hinduism recognizes 108 Upanishads.

The Sanskrit-Alphabet consists of 54 letters. Each letter has a male and a female meaning -– Shiva & Shakti. 54 letters x 2 equals a total of 108 meanings.

1, 0 und 8:
Some say that 1 represents god or the Higher Truth, 0 represents emptiness and completeness of the spiritual practice, and 8 represents infinity and eternity.

In Buddhism 108 beads represent the 108 volumes of the collected teachings of the Buddha. 108 could also stand for the 108 passions or cravings of humans.

Tibetan Buddhism recognizes 108 disturbances of feelings. 36 are related to the past, 36 to the present and 36 to the future.

In Astrology there are 12 signs of the zodiac and 9 planets. 12 x 9 equals 108.

There are 108 names of Indian Deities. There are 108 names of Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha, Saraswati, Durga, Lakshmi, Krishna, Swami Sivananda, etc.

Sun and Earth:
The „durchmesser“ of the sun is 108 times as much as that of planet Earth. The distance between sun and earth is 108 times that of the durchmesser der sonne

The corner angle of pentagon is 108°.

The Number 9:
This is the number of wisdom and symbolizes the highest „Vollendung“: 1 + 0 + 8 = 9
Jedes ganze Teilergebnis der Zahl 108 ergibt addiert die Zahl 9 (108 / 3 = 36 -> 3 + 6 = 9).

So many reasons to celebrate the number 108!

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