Yin Yoga Workshop – Heal Your Back

22nd October 2017 | 3pm – 5:30pm

Heal your Back – Yin Yoga Workshop with Kira

Where does tightness in the back come from? How do we develop chronic back pain? How is back pain related to the fascia? How can we prevent the causes of back pain?

Find the answer to these questions in this wonderful Workshop with Kira. The earlier you start to take care of your back to keep it strong and flexible the better.
Yin Yoga allows you to release tension that leads to pain and tightness in your back as it is very much related to the fascia system.

In this Workshop we will work to stretch, release, and stimulate the fascia so you can feel the difference right away. At the same time this work enables you to let go of emotional tension and allows your mind to become still and tune into the present moment awareness.

This workshop is suitable for all level.

Contribution: €40
Sign Up: carina@baliyoga.wien