Chakra Balancing Workshop – Spring Awakening

Saturday 17th March | 1:30pm – 4:00pm

Chakra Balancing Workshop – Spring Awakening with Annemarie

With spring at our doorstep, warmer temperatures, and the blooming of nature, also our desire for renewal and well-being grows within. In this workshop Annemarie will guide you through  asanas (gentle Flow), meditation, and breathing techniques (Pranayama) to experience your inner „spring awakening“.

The practice serves the purpose to clear blockages from your chakras. These blockages are elements of dense and stagnant energy that interfere with the absorption of new prana, life-energy.  A weak or blocked chakra influences out mental, physical and emotional well-being. A Chakra-balancing Yoga practice harmonises our energy on all levels.

Your breath can flow, the body is full of energy, the mind quiet and the heart, peaceful and free.

Contribution: €40

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