Corporate Yoga

A powerful company needs healthy and balanced employees. Holistic health and yoga programs in the company offer the ideal opportunity to strengthen motivation, health and community spirit in every single employee and thus in your whole team.

A solid and balanced team for a successful company

Each company is different and has specific work and employment structures. In close collaboration with you, we will develop an individual health concept for you and your employees. We offer both private and group lessons in your company or in our studio at Schwarzenbergplatz.

Our offering for companies and business customers include:

– Vitalizing Morning Yoga
– LUNCH YOGA at Bali Yoga Wien: Relaxation and yoga during the lunch break
– Fit in the evening
– Stress reduction, meditation and relaxation
– Personal training for executives and individual individual support
– Information seminars on yoga, Ayurveda and meditation
– Stress management and burn-out prevention
– Holistic Body Treatments & Healing Arts: Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Kinesiology etc.

What kind of impact will Yoga have on my employees?
Yoga is a holistic practice that takes care of the physical well-being as well as the psychological well-being. With Asanas (body postures), one systematically works on the body to stimulate metabolism, to stretch muscles, release tension and build up strength. Quiet phases are used to give the body time to relax and to switch from sympathicus (stress) to the parasympatheticus (relaxation, digestion). These phases are essential for relieving stress and counteracting the release of stress hormones.


– Balanced employees
– Dealing safely with everyday stress
– Learning relaxation techniques and how to apply them
– Increase inner awareness
– Improved efficiency due to increased concentration
– Reduction of anxiety and tension


60 minutes Corporate yoga practice … 75 Euro (1-2 people)
90 minutes private yoga practice … 95 Euro

Applies for all courses:
* 20% additional for more than 2 persons per person
* Full payment if cancelling less than 2 hours before
* 50% cancellation fee, if cancelling within 24 hours before
* Additional 15 euro, if training outside our studio
* 20% VAT included