Esther Sophia Artner

Esther has just moved back from NYC to Vienna and is looking forward to sharing her love for yoga with you.

Her intention is to hold the space to create an experience in which the practitioner feels strengthened and seen in all ups and downs. Alignment supports them by hands-on assists to do justice to the poses and to feel the effects of yoga in the best possible way.

Music is specifically selected and is related to both the theme and the sequence of the practice, i.e. electro beats as we flow through the first vinyasa and more mantra-based music as the lesson approaches savasana.

Personally for Esther, yoga is a constant grounding that not only physically challenges her, but also allows her to feel connected to daily life.

Her mentor is Rima Rani Rabbath, and she is infinitely grateful for everything she has learned and to Beate and Bali Yoga for what she will learn and share here in Vienna!