Incense & 12 Days of Christmas Workshop

17th December 2017 | 4:00pm – 6:30pm

Incenseworkshop & “Rauhnachts”-meditation with Iwona

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to ring in the New Year as best as possible, full of positive and fresh energy.

Just before the winter solstice we get together to meditate, to attune to the energy of a time in which the veil to to the world of spirit is especially thin, to release the old and prepare to receive the energy of the new year. We will create our personal incense mix, infused with your personal intentions and affirmations to use for the “Rauhnächte” (12 Days of Christmas) until Epiphany (“Heilige Dreikönige”). You will also receive a guide for a  meditation to support the transformative process for each day of the 12 Days of Christmas.

If you have your personal incense bowl, please bring it. If you do not have one please let us know upon sign up.

Contribution: € 50 incl. Incense materials, essence and meditation guideline
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12 Days of Christmas –  About  burning incense and Hanging up your washing 
The 12 Days of Christmas are a mystical time between the 21st of December (winter solstice/longest night of the year) or 24th of December and Epiphany. This time period is based on the difference between a solar year  (365 days) and a lunar year (354 days). Additionally, there are also other reasons.
Traditionally during this time, people stopped their work and took some time out to reflect on the year, be present in the now and relax.
The Rauhnächte, literally “rough nights” are called “nights” because according to the Celtic calendar we are in the “night of the year”. This means that it is night even during the day.  The last Day of Christmas, or “rough night” ends usually in the night from the 5th to the 6th of January. 
There is also the variation that the 12 Days of Christmas begin with the winter solstice on the 21st of December and end on Epiphany, the 6th of January. This varies according to region.
Burning incense during the 12 Days of Christmas
There are many customs and traditions for the 12 Days of Christmas since they are an auspicious time, marking a transition, similar to the transition from day to night. Both lunar and solar power are weakened during this time. The old year is coming to a close, we are in a still point and a new year is dawning. This time was traditionally used for burning incenses. 
According to old myths the world of the spirit is now open to us, and the sound of the dead and ghosts can roam free.
One of the most well-known traditions is the burning of incenses to cleanse flats, buildings, and stables. Depending on the region the burning of incenses happens either on Christmas Eves, New Years Eve or Epiphany. In some regions it also happens daily. The burning of incenses is said to dispel old and negative energies and clear the space for the energy of the new year.

24th of December – Christmas Eve: Releasing the old year

We release the past and give presents – we joyfully let go of things, the nuts we eat have to be cracked, such as it is time to crack old patterns.

Traditionally, the old year is released with cleansing incenses to bring clarity and freedom.

To close the energetic body that is opened during such cleansing, it is important to balance the energetic body afterwards and get grounded again. So that we can move through this quiet time peacefully and harmoniously.

31st of December and 1st of January – New Years Eve and New Years Day: harmonious transitioning 

New Year Eve is usually a joyful and convivial time. We feel more relaxed, find joy in the experiences of this year and are awaiting the new year full with hopeful curiosity.

Burning incenses during this time connects the two years together, so the transition can be smooth.

This part can also be done without clearing and energetic grounding.

6th of January  – Epiphany: energetic start into the new year

In some places carol singers come to houses and flats to bring blessing and wishes of happiness with Songs and frankincenses.  We also send good energy. This ritual is infused with wished for the future.

Commonly used during this time is frankincenses or energising incenses.

In some areas these four Days of Christmas were considered as dangerous. Therefore people wold fast and pray. The houses had to be kept tidy, people were not allowed to hang white sheets out to dry (as the horsebean would steal them and use them as winding sheet for the person who hung them up). People weren’t allowed to put up clothes lines as the wild animals could get caught in them. Also, especially younger women were forbidden to hang up white underwear as it would attract wilde animals that would attack the women. Women and children were also forbidden to be out on the streets after nightfall.