Lis Mitterrutzner

Kundalini Yoga

In her youth, Lis found her first energetic practice through the “Five Tibetans”, which accompanied her for years and strengthened her physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally. The “Five Tibetans” were followed by Taiji and Qiqong, as well as various yoga styles and meditation practices, until she found her yogic home in Kundalini Yoga.

Her professional career began as highschool teacher for Italian and English and as a language trainer in adult education, leading her into the NGO sector for more educational justice and the role of the Learning and Development Specialist – through Austria, Italy and Ireland.

Yoga and meditation always remained her anchor, her passion, and her interest, which she followed over the years in the form of various training courses. Today she works as a self-employed Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher as well as Restorative Yoga teacher and language trainer.

In her sessions, Lis supports her students with openness and sensitivity to train their self-perception on a physical, mental, emotional and emotional level to expand their limits and also learn to stay within them. Her classes are gentle and mindful as well as dynamic and alive.

She describes her understanding of Kundalini Yoga as “For me Kundalini Yoga is the most direct path to myself, to my ‘Sat Nam’ (true self). It is my breath and vibration, movement and voice, rhythm and calm, silence and dynamism. It’s my body, heart, mind and soul. The most effective way to get into my energy and to ride the waves of life. ”