Maria Soemardi

Yoga, Alignment Focused

She first encountered Yoga in her late teens. At the beginning it was the athletic elements of the practice that drew her to Yoga. In the years 2005 – 2009, while being a fine art student at universities in Austria, Australia and Japan, she became obsessed with yoga. She wanted to see all the yoga that was out there, thus she went to take class in pretty much any style of yoga that was offered where she lived. What she has gained from the practice & study, regardless of style and tradition is an understanding that no matter what the outer circumstance may be, we always are free to choose a more spacious inner environment of our mind & heart & body.

In 2009 she came in touch with Anusara Yoga, an elegant yoga system derived of Iyengar yoga that emphasises a life-affirming philosophy & clear alignment principles. The system of Anusara yoga really revolutionised and reinspired her practice and her life. She has trained with many Anusara yoga teachers, and also began to have an interest in Yoga as a form of therapy. In the summer of 2011 she met Ross Rayburn at an Anusara Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and shortly after began training with him.

In January 2016 she began studying with Patrick Creelman, a formerly certified Anusara Yoga Teacher who is now steeped in the Iyengar yoga tradition. Through her studies with Patrick and her practice and teaching gained again new depth and clarity.

Her classes are alignment focused practices aimed at facilitating true health. She hopes to co-create together with the students a room that feels safe for each of us to learn & evolve. As a teacher she is clear & precise while maintaining a sense of light-heartedness & humour.  She believes in all her heart that this practice has something to offer for everyone, regardless of age, gender, level of flexibility/strength/fitness. She hopes to serve you in your respective journey to better health, self-knowledge and liberated living.