Nina Ptacek


In the summer of 2015 a benevolent force led Nina to Bali Yoga and to Beate. From the very beginning Yoga attracted her with its gentle invitation to be focused and to look inward. In 2017 she completed the Bali Yoga Teacher Training, which took her practice to the next level and increased her appreciation for the miracle of the human body and the effect of Yoga in all areas of life.

Nina lovingly guides Yoga practitioners to a subtler body-awareness, a balance between effort and ease and to moving into asana consciously. Her style of teaching is authentic, intuitive and humorous.

To her Yoga means calming the ever-worrying mind, mobility, feeling, inner strength, discipline, overcoming obstacles, acceptance of what is, being gentle with oneself free from criticism, judgement and comparison. What moves her are relationships, creativity and devotion.