About Us


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Bali Yoga Wien is the bridge between East and West, between head and heart – as the word yoga (comes from “yog” = union, union) we stand for connection: an individual is not separate from other people, from the environment or from higher powers. “We are all one.” Within us and around us. This is the foundation of Bali Yoga Wien. It guides the interaction between the team and the students, how and what we teach, as well as our own yoga practice.

Our focus is on a holistic yoga practice in which we respect not only the connection of body, mind and soul, but also the connection of Atman (the individual soul) with Brahman (the universe). The connection between us all and the environment is thereby the central element.

The Balinese principle Tri Hita Karana (a traditional philosophy for life in Bali) summarizes this very well:
Harmony between people
Harmony with nature
Harmony with higher powers

On the mat Bali Yoga Wien offers different yoga styles from Hatha Yoga, Back Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy Yoga to Yin & Restorative classes. We combine the following eleven elements in almost all of our yoga classes:
1. The recognition of the origin – “Bhakti Yoga”
2. Individuality – “Vini Yoga”
3. Intention and sequence – “Vinyasa Krama”
4. Chants & Mantras – “Japa”
5. Asanas – “Hatha Yoga”
6. Breathing, Pranayama – “Prana Yoga”
7. Music – “Nada Yoga”
8. Yoga philosophy – “Jnana Yoga”
9th theme of the week and the month – “Shasta”
10. Meditation – “Dhyana”
11. Relaxation, Savasana – “Yoga Nidra”