About us

Who are we? And why Bali in Wien?

Beate travelled and worked around the world after graduation in Innsbruck and lived in Bali for 22 years. Her island experience has not only given her a family and passion for a healthy body & food and houses, but she also discovered yoga. When her daughter chose her university to be in Vienna after graduating from a high school in Australia, Beate accompanied Chiana and returned to Austria and founded Bali Yoga Wien after a series of interesting events as a wink of her destiny.

Beate: “Yoga is a journey of the soul and not just physical exercise and often the Eastern wisdom and traditions are left short in the West or even losing their meaning completely. I see Bali Yoga Wien as my contribution to this connection and grounding , that for us city people in Europe is so important. Bali Yoga Wien is the bridge between East and West, the head and heart. Like the word Yoga itself, which comes from “yog” = union, we stand for connection: a person is not seen separately from other people, from the environment and from higher powers, this is the foundation of Bali Yoga Wien and this is reflected in the interaction among the team, with the students, how and what we teach, how we live as a community as well as practice on the mat.
Our focus is on a holistic yoga practice, in which we not only respect the connection of body, mind and soul, but also the connection of Atman (the individual soul) with Brahman (the universe) which ultimately connects us to ourselves, among all of us and the environment & animal kingdom.

The Balinese Principle Tri Hita Karana (a traditional philosophy for living in Bali) summarizes this very well:

Harmony between people
Harmony with nature
Harmony with higher powers

On the mat, Bali Yoga Wien offers various forms of yoga. From Hatha Yoga, Back Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin & Therapeutic Hours with international teachers who holistically teach yoga and where the focus is on each student’s individuality.