Raphaela Schiefersteiner


Yoga has crossed Raphaela’s path many times – from the first encounter during schooldays, over different Yoga classes in different studios and styles, to a home practice lead by youtube yogateachers – there were many different approaches for her that all lead the way to Yoga. It was an on-off relationship for many years, although she always knew that the only movement she felt good at was the asana.

Until one day the back pain from the night-shifts of building models for her architecture studies became unbearable, the sharp pain in her chest reocurred regularly from her bad posture, the knees hurt from a malposition combined with extended periods of sitting, and the medical advice was to „either get a surgery now or new knees when you’re 40“. She knew it was time to take the matter in her own hands instead of getting a surgery, and that was were Yoga came into her life to stay.

Since then a daily practice has been essential for her, which changed her life, physically as well as mentally. For Raphaela, Yoga doesn’t only take place on the mat or in the studio; it’s a philosophy of life that we practice in physical asana, which we can apply in everyday life. For Raphaela Yoga means union, thoughtfulness, consciousness and endurance but also balance, to have an open mind throughout our daily life and to do everything we do, whatever that may be at the time, with joy, humor and a smile on the lips.

After Raphaela successfully completed Bali Yoga’s first teacher training in October 2017, she is now ready to share her passion for Yoga and wants to offer the many facets that Yoga embodies for her. Her teachers are Beate McLatchie, Bruno Teyssandier and Carina Hilmar, whose influences you will see and feel in her classes. Her teaching is powerful, at the same time gentle and invites you to get to know yourself better, develop from where you are right now and stay fully present in the moment.