Frequently asked Questions

Is it necessary to sign up for a class? It is suggested to ensure that there is a free spot for you, but it is not required.

How does the online registration work? If you haven’t been to our studio before you can create an account for yourself below, sign up for the desired class and pay for it with the desired product online  – this way you dont need to fill out a form at the studio – voila!

This is my first time, is there anything I need to know? You can find all relevant information here

As a beginner, can I attend an “OL” Open Level course?   beginners info here

Which type of yoga do you teach? We teach different “styles”, from Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Back Class, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Women and Special classes. Please find the class descriptions here

What do the colours mean?  BEGINNERS ALL LEVELS  FOR WOMEN FREE

Yoga mats? Mats are free of charge during your trial, for drop-ins and members, otherwise €1 per mat.

Which timetable is valid on public holidays? On public holidays there is only one yoga practice: Holiday Vinyasa at 18:00

Is the practice taught in German?  All our yoga practices are taught in German (besides Maria’s and Anna’s)  HOWEVER if a student requests English, we ask the class if  ‘that is ok, and if it is agreed upon, we can teach every class also in English; all our teachers (besides Anne) teach happily in English.

When does our studio open? We are open 20 minutes before and after practice 🙂

Still questions? / 06766158463

Thank you! So excited to practice together! yay! Namaste

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