Bruno Teyssandier

Yoga, Thai Massage

Bruno was a professional mountain biker and back packing tour guide before he discovered Yoga in 1998. He graduated from a Bikram yoga teacher training in Los Angeles in 1999 and from two Iyengar yoga therapeutic programs in Poona (India) in 2000 and 2001, followed by a year long teacher training apprentice ship in the Iyengar yoga system in San Francisco in 2002, a Moksha yoga teacher training in 2010 and Budokon yoga first approach in 2015.

He studied in Mysore (India) under the guidance of Sri K Pattabhi Jois in 2003 for 6 months and 2004 for 3 months.
He has been a dedicated student of Manouso Manos for 16-17 years and was one of his assistants during his public classes. Manouso Manos is one of the most qualified teachers in the Iyengar method.
Bruno owned and directed “Yoga 108” in San Francisco’s Bay and in New Orleans from 2002 until 2010.He started the practice of tai chi and Qi gong in late 2016
He recently (November 2016) graduated in Yoga Massage (Nuad) in Chiang Mai Thailand and was part of the teacher’s team at the Bali Yoga Wien teacher training in Bali from October-November 2017.
His style of teaching is a blend of all of the above studies but not limited to any one of them, with a strong emphasis on alignment.
He says that “being a yoga teacher is like being a tour guide in a way, leading a courageous group on a challenging journey of transformation from secluded places, having the responsibility to lead the trekkers safely in this beautiful scenery .
Sometimes the terrain (asanas) is rough, and the weather (mood) is rapidly changing and the guide (teacher) will have to adjust to those circumstances.
As each trekker (student) is unique – physically, mentally and emotionally – this presents a constant perplexe challenge for the guide (teacher -myself ) as his techniques needs to adjust for each individual.“