Monthly Theme

Learn more about the yoga philosophy

How can Yoga be more than just a physical practice of different postures and breathing? What else can our Yoga practice do for us and what are the reasons that we practice besides improved physical well-being? In this section you can learn more about the background of the Yoga practice and its philosophical aspects.

2018 is going to be the “Year of the Deities” at Bali Yoga Wien. Each month we are going to focus on a specific deity, explore how the qualities they embody relate to our Yoga practice on and off the mat and what their symbolism and myths might mean for our own lives. We will draw from the rich Indian mythology to add colour, variety and depth to our Yoga Praxis and hope to foster a greater understanding of the cultural context of Yoga.

Adding to the monthly articles, we will also host a special workshop featuring various dances of each deity that allows us to get a felt sense of the meaning behind the deity. Stay tuned!

February: Lakshmi

Wealth, Fortune, Prosperity – Who is Lakshmi? Having begun the New Year under the care...

January: Ganesha

New Beginnings – Who is Ganesha? In the Hindu mythology, there is no other deity...