Therapeutic Yoga

Designed to meet specific needs of the student due to illness, age, injury, prevention or for just to improve ones overall health.

We help individuals to perceive habits and their own lifestyle more consciously. In addition, we will point out daily body postures which might be causing problems and assist with suggestions from the yogic field, such as asanas (body postures) that can counteract and thus can help to relieve pain.

We design a personal therapeutic daily practice for you to rehabilitate the body and the mind. Therapeutic yoga also includes advice on diet, weight management, detoxification and fasting, meditation, breathing patterns and pranayama, relaxation techniques, a thankfulness list, goal and passion orientation and a general life overhaul, if this is applicable and asked for.

Compilation of your personal yoga practice (comprehensive sadhana including asanas):

1 x 90, 1 x 60 minutes plus worksheet … € 180, € 250 (with Beate)

60 minutes revisions and check-ups of your personal practice … € 65

90 minutes therapeutic yoga practice … € 85

Conditions: for 1-2 students, in our studio (outside of the studio € 15 extra), mat(s) included, inc. 20% tax

Please note that if you cancel 24 hours before the personal class 50% of your price, and when cancelling on the same day 100% of the price will be charged.