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Frequently asked Questions

Is it necessary to sign up for a class? It is suggested to ensure that there is a free spot for you, but it is not required. The studio opens 20 minutes before the class begins.

How does the online registration work? If you have never been to our studio before, you do not need to register online. If you have been, you can register with your valid card or block. If you ran out, you can either buy a new one online or directly in the studio.

This is my first time, is there anything I should know? You can find all relevant information Here.

Which timetable is valid on public holidays? On public holidays there is only one yoga practice available: Holiday Vinyasa at 6PM.

When does the studio open? We open 20 minutes before the practice.

Which type of yoga do you teach? We teach different “styles”, from Hatha Yoga, Healthy Back, Yin & Restorative to Vinyasa Flow.

As a beginner, can I attend an “OL” Open Level course? If you are a new to Yoga, we suggest to attend one of our beginners’ courses OR to join a Basic, Healthy Back, Gentle Hatha or Yin practice. You can also visit OL (Open Level) classes, but please let the teacher know you are a beginner. OL Vinyasa classes are only recommended after 3 months of regular practice.

Yoga mats? Mats are free of charge during your trial, for drop-ins and members, otherwise 1 euro per mat. After you have finished your practice, we kindly ask that you clean your mat, hang it up and put other props you might have used away neatly. You have the possibility to store your mat in the studio for a monthly fee of €7, but please keep it in a bag, thank you. 🙂