Which flight do I book?

Flights are not included in the price. Please book yourself; the sooner the cheaper!  Do not forget the 100% Travel Insurance!

What travel insurance?

100% complete protection Travel insurance is mandatory at this teacher training. We recommend for Austrians Donau (Carina Nagel:

Which visa / travel documents are required?

All visitors must have a passport with min. 6 months validity. (please bring 2 photo copies of your passport)

Please check with your embassy if there is a special visa that you need.

Standard procedures are as follows: The visa for your stay in Bali can be done directly at the airport upon arrival. It is valid for 30 days; if you want to stay 60 days, please pay USD 35.- for a VOA (Visa On Arrival) when you land in Bali; we will then collect your passport and start organising your visa; you will have to go to the immigration office one day to take a photo. This procedure organised through our agent (who is trustworthy and who we work with since 20 years) costs Rp. 850,000; you are free to choose cheaper options. Two months (60 days) stay is the maximum for tourists, otherwise you need to arrange a 6 months social visa. We can assist you with a social visa. For that you will need an invitation letter from an Indonesian sponsor, which we can help to arrange and with that you may obtain the social visa at your local embassy before you embark on your journey. The social visa needs to be extended (the costs through us for for first two extensions are Rp. 750,000 each and for the next 2 extensions Rp. 850,000 each) – Prices may change anytime.

To obtain the appropriate visa please refer to your embassy as procedures may change before we get to update this website. 

Do we need vaccinations or are other medical precautions necessary?

For Austrians more information is available at MD Travel Health (, the complete health recommendations for each country are updated daily. For information specific to travel vaccinations: the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Health: gen_LN.html # headline31

Beate has lived in Bali for 22 years and raised two children there; she, her family and her friends do NOT get regularly vaccinated, however please do consult your doctor.

Do I need to bring my own medication?

Topics: Stomachache, diarrhea, dengue etc.?

The Bali Belly is widespread, especially among visitors who travel to Asia for the first time. There are Chinese natural tablets, Colloidal Silver and homeopathic remedies which may help you on site, which we have available. Or please check with your doctor what to bring. There is dengue, so please protect yourself against mosquitoes. (ie: close Mosquito net after 4, wear organic natural mosquito repellent after 4pm and light clothes maybe covering arms and legs) But we are in good clean open areas, especially around the ocean it is well ventilated, so the chances to get bitten are much less than in the cities or densely populated aereas. Beate lived in Bali for over 20 years and never had dengue so please don’t worry too much about it; however, precautions are always good.

Medications from outside the country scarcely need to be taken, but you can of course if your doctor recommends it. Also, antibiotics etc., if really necessary, we can get locally nowadays, there are good clinics now in Bali. Beate knows exactly where to go, to whom and what to get. Please let us know about specific medication you need or are taking at registration, Thank you! 

What do I need to pack?

Travel Light equals Pack lightly! In addition, you’ll most likely shop in Bali, as Bali has so much to offer … ah! There are so many beautiful, unique and affordable items!

There is an efficient laundry service, so it is not necessary to bring a complete “wardrobe for every single day. Please remember, we are in a tropical environment:

  • Yoga clothes: 3-4 short or 3/4 pants (no long pants made ​​of thick material); if T-shirts for yoga, then lightweight cotton, Spaghetti-halter tops or sports bras are ideal for ladies; thin little panties prevent heat rashes
  • Bring your own yoga mat! In Amed it is a terracotta floor and in Chalina Terrazzo so make sure it is a thick one
  • Sandals (although plastic sandals such as Havaianas are ideal for everyday use & great for rain, we urge you to check out environmentally friendly shoes but that brave the rain), open elegant sandals for evening / going out, comfortable shoes / sneakers for hiking. If socks then lower ones only, 1 – 2 pairs of light socks for sneakers
  • Shorts with cotton T shirts, summer skirts with tops, airy summer dresses, Shirts – cotton, airy, 1 Lightweight Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Light Pants, airy cotton pants, 1 Jean
  • Bikinis, swimsuit, sun hat, sunglasses
  • Sarongs (or buy there)
  • 2 white tops (that cover the shoulders) or light cotton blouses or T-Shirts that are long enough that you can fit a belt around – these are for our temple excursions and ceremonies
  • a scarf that covers your shoulders
  • small carry around umbrella
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen (biodegradable please)
  • Daypack, cloth bag for shopping
  • WATER BOTTLE to refill, NOT out of plastic
  • Camera, Torch
  • Note Book for the teacher training theory, Travel diary or Yoga Journal
  • 2 copies of your passport
  • Extra phone for local calls, direct telephone for international calls
  • international driving license (in case, you want to drive around after or before the training but better to hire a driver, they are very cheap and cheerful)

What do I do with money? Do I bring cash or? 

Yes do bring some cash in your currency  (USD, Euro, AUD etc); you can change that at the local money changers into Rupiah; we don’t suggest to change money at the airport as its expensive – if you need money for the taxi when you land then just change 20 Euros which is around the Rp. 300,000 which is enough for a taxi; however for Amed you will need to pre-arrange a driver as a taxi would be too expensive. Please only go into money changers, which are air-conditioned, bright and behind glass doors; not inter some dodgy dark money changers in a side street. Always calculate yourself or take the calculator and type it in. Some calculators “calculate wrong”.

Please check with your bank that your ATM card is valid internationally and ideally take a 2nd card as well as a credit card.

Can I bring my family, my partner or my children?

Yes! We are happy to suggest alternative activities/accommodation for your family and might be able to arrange discounts.

What is required BEFORE the teacher training? Reading List and Karma Yoga Project

  1. Go over the reading list and make sure to read the required books and write a summary which is due to hand in before the start of the training. The summaries may be handwritten or digital and can be as long as you choose, what is important is your understanding of it – thank you!
  2. Choose a KARMA YOGA PROJECT in which you give back to the community, the environment or to animals. Examples are: initiative to reduce the use of plastic, free yoga classes for refugees or animal rescue. We encourage you to choose something that you are eager to continue after your training, instead of a “one off deal”. This is a personal project that reflects your passions and believes and is to be presented during the training. The presentation in the evenings at the villa to all of us can be anything you like it to be, from powerpoint to a relaxed sit down summary to a formal speech at maximum length of 15 minutes. Please  started to work on it before the teacher training at home. We are looking forward to your contribution. Yay :)!