Yin Yoga & Piano Workshop – Sounds of Spring

Saturday, 22nd April | 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Yin Yoga & Piano Workshop – Sounds of Spring with Iwona and Maria

Iwona and Maria are inviting you to a special Yin Yoga Workshop with spring feeling – accompanied  by sooth piano music! Tune into the wood-element, bathe in soft sounds and celebrate spring.

Growth, evolution, development: After the sleeping and deep silence of the cold winter months, Mother Nature is now starting to show her most vibrant colours, full of vitality and energy.

Just as a deeply planted seed that starts to shoot upwards, life starts to grow and flower; decisive and expansive, yet flexible and adaptable.

On the physical level the element wood is represented in the organs of the liver and the gallbladder, which coordinate the flow of blood and Qi, our essential vitality. If the liver-Qi is strengthened, we feel generous, are able to make decisions, are flexible and stable like a tree with deep roots and quipped with all we need to drive forwards new projects.

If the liver-Qi is blocked or weak we might feel stagnant or confused, lack clarity, suffer from irritation, anger or frustrations, are unable to move, and are torn by the winds.

Therefore in this workshop we will strengthen the wood energy to allow it to flow freely. That way we are able to start into the new season strong, flexible and serene. To deepen our Yin Yoga practice even more, Maria, a renowned pianist will accompany us live on the piano. With this an integral Yin Yoga experience on all levels is awaiting you on this Sunday afternoon. Relaxation guaranteed! 🙂

Contribution: €50

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