Yin Yoga Workshop – Into Silence

16th December 2017 | 1pm – 3:30pm

Into Silence – Yin Yoga Workshop with Kira

Winter is the time of slowing down, turning inwards and reflection.  It is the time to snuggle up comfortably and enjoy time with your self.

In this extended 2,5 hour longs practice we will gently move into the fascia system of the body to release tension.  We will practice being mindful with ourselves, listen to the needs of ours bodies and do what it asks for.

„The heart is here, always open for you, if you are ready to look into it” RAMANA MAHARISHI

We will twist, massage and stimulate our muscles, tendons and joints.

Your body will release endorphins, which will leave you feeling happy and relaxed, allowing you to move into the space of infinite – SILENCE.

Then you will have truly arrived in the HERE and NOW.

This workshop is suitable for all level.

Contribution: €40
Sign Up: carina@baliyoga.wien