Yoga for Children

This 60 minute yoga practice is for children from 6-12 years old.

Travel to distant lands on the magic carpet, experience adventures in the jungle,
roar like a lion, sneak like a snake, float like a butterfly,…
Yoga for children is sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes static, sometimes moving.
Through the playful learning of body postures (asanas), body awareness and motor skills are refined, physical and emotional strength is built up and self-confidence is strengthened. Mindfulness exercises and perception games promote concentration and attention.
Yoga offers children space to develop themselves and their imagination.
Yoga for children is varied, Yoga for children moves, Yoga for children is fun!

Yoga for children promotes a healthy development and has a positive effect on the following areas:
– Promotes the ability to concentrate and willingness to learn
– Body awareness and motor skills are refined
– Physical and emotional strength developed
– Conscious handling of respiration
– Conscious relaxation
– Creates self-confidence and strengthens the child’s self-confidence
– Promoting creativity
– Training of social togetherness