Yoga Nidra Workshop – The Yogic Sleep

25th February| 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Yoga Nidra Workshop – The yogic sleep for deep relaxation with Regina

Let Regina guide you into the world of Yoga Nidra for complete and deep relaxation. This workshop will provide you with insight into the scientifically proven relaxation and meditation technique of  Yoga Nidra.

After many hours of teaching and numerous workshop Regina is able to offer you novel findings about Yoga Nidra: differences to meditation, hypnosis, light experiences, pain reduction, expansion of consciousness.

Yoga Nidra comes from the trantric tradition and is a powerful tool to enhance well-being:

  • it increases quality of life
  • it helps to reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness, tension and tiredness
  • it helps in cases of burnout and chronic diseases
  • it supports the development of one’s intuition
  • it promotes better concentration

For the maximum benefit  of a wonderful and deep Yoga Nidra experience the workshop is structured as follows:

  1. Part:
    Introduction to Yoga Nidra (Background/Development, Schools, Effects)
    Body awareness and Concentration (Tratak)
    Hatha Yoga Asanas for Mindfullness
    Yoga Nidra according to the tradition of the Bihar School of Yoga
  2. Part:
    Yoga Nidra from a yogic and scientific perspective
    Differentiation from meditation, (self-)hypnosis and other relaxation techniques
  3. Part:
    Group discussion and self-reflection; duration depends on number of participants, finish around 4:30pm; latest 5pm

For beginners, intermediated and advanced students

Curious? This is what students say about this wonderful experience.

Contribution: 40€ (+ 20€ if you wish to take a CD with you)

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