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Book TitleAuthorSubject 
Light on YogaB.K.S. Iyengaryoga generalrefrence
Light on PranayamaB.K.S. IyengarYoga asanas & technicsrefrence
Light on the Yoga SutrasB.K.S. IyengarYoga philosophyrefrence
Hatha Yoga PradipikaMuktibodhananda Saraswatiyoga generalrecommended
The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal PracticeT.K.V. Desikacharyoga generalsummary
Awakening the SpineWanda ScaravelliYoga asanas & technicsrecommended
Moving into StillnessErich SchiffmannYoga asanas & technicssummary
The Bhagavad GitaEknath EaswaranYoga philosophyrefrence
Yoga AnatomyLeslie KaminoffYoga Anatomyrefrence
Loving What isByron KatieSelf developmentsummary
The Four AgreementsMiguel RuizSelf developmentrecommended
Light on LifeB.K.S. IyengarSelf developmentrecommended
Autobiography of a YogiP. YoganandaAutobiography Self Development.recommended
Man’s Search for MeaningVictor E. FranklSelf developmentrecommended
Yoga & VegetarianismSharon GannonNutritionrecommended
Medical FoodAnthony WilliamsNutrition
Conscious EatingDaniel CousensNutritionsummary
SuperfoodsDavid WolfeNutritionrecommended
Green for LifeVictoria BoutenkoNutritionrecommended
Cats and Dogs are People tooSharon GannonAnimal Protectionrecommended

summary: please read this book and submit a summary before beginning of the training, latest before certification
recommended: suggested reading
reference:  please have these books in hard or soft copy at home and at the training on hand 

ONLY “LIGHT ON YOGA”  TO BE BROUGHT TO THE TRAINING TO BALI, otherwise our manual and books on-site are sufficient

Books may be bought in hard copy or kindle, besides reference books.