First Visit

Your first visit with Beate at the Alkemy Studio?

Trial Offer for new students (Vienna residents only)

+++ €10 for 1 trial practice, €14 for 60min, € 15 for 75 min +++

Beate offers 2 hybrid practices at the Alkemy Studio

Monday at 17:30 (75min) and Wednesdays at 7am (60min)

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Opening hours?
    The studio is open 15 minutes before and after every yoga practice. Please arrive ideally 15 minutes earlier, so that you have enough time to get changed and prepare for your practice.
  • Eating before practice?
    Please do not eat at least 2 hours before the yoga practice. After a large meal pause for at least 3 hours before practicing.
  • Yoga clothes?
    Comfortable training pants or shorts and t-shirt or leggings and a stretch top are perfect. No shoes. Yoga socks (with knobs and toes) are ideal if you get cold easily.
  • Towel?
    It is usually not required and needed (except at the Yoga Boot Camp). However, if you know that you sweat easily and heavily, please bring a small towel. If you cannot, we have towels for rent for €2 each.
  • Water to drink?
    During the yoga practice we do not drink (except during Yoga Boot Camp). We offer still water and tea before and after practice for free.
  • Yoga mats?
    For now please bring your own mat. However, we provide mats without charge for newcomers, drop-ins and memberships. All other students may rent one for €1. We kindly ask you to clean the mat after your practice and hang it up to dry. You also have the possibility to leave your own mat (in a bag, please) at the studio for a monthly fee of €7.
  • Showers?
    It is not advised to take a shower immediately after your practice, since it is better to re-absorb the sweat. A hot bath or shower before or after at home are ideal! But, of course, we do have shower facilities available.
  • Injuries & Weaknesses
    In case you have an acute injury or a chronic weakness, please always let your yoga teacher know before practice starts. Yoga is amazing for healing. However, it needs to be done under professional supervision, which you will find at our studio. Thank you!

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