Caro Decker

Originally from Berlin, Caro came to Austria through studying dance. During her time as a dancer, she discovered yoga. Inner doors began to open and a path to self-acceptance and self-empowerment began to unfold before her. Essential experiences for which she is very grateful.

She completed her training in 2007 with Paul Dallaghan in Thailand (200h Ashtanga Vinyasa) and later with her main teacher Prasad Rangnekar in India (2013 – 200h Hatha and 2015 – 500h Hatha), where she continues her education (yoga psychology, philosophy, meditation).

She gave her first yoga class in 2004 in a gymnasium in Northern Sweden, meanwhile she regularly holds courses in studios, companies, as well as workshops and individual lessons. Her lessons are suitable for anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of themselves. In addition to the physical aspects (alignment, balance of strength and flexibility, etc.), she puts a lot of emphasis on respiratory flow and self-tracing during practice so that the mental processes can be calmed and observed. This makes transformation possible on both the physical and the mental level.

In addition to her teaching, she is currently doing an energy education and singing Corsican polyphonic songs with the “cowbirds”.

At Bali Yoga Wien she teaches Lunch Yoga.

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