Daniela Hinderer

Yoga has fascinated Daniela ever since she took her first yoga class in Costa Rica over four years ago. The teacher impressed her because she embodied an unconventional image of women. In this non-conventionality she also radiated genuine satisfaction and inner peace.

From her passion for yoga, she then started to train as a yoga teacher herself. For Daniela, yoga means experiencing the connection between body and mind: perceiving what is, accepting and letting go.

In her classes she wants to convey that through the movement one can feel the connection with one’s true self. This awareness can then integrated into life off the yoga mat.

Calm and flowing movements determine her yoga practice. What fascinates her in the Yoga practice is the tranquility and dynamic to try out new things, break out of familiar patterns and to find oneself.  This is the fascination she also wished to pass on in her lessons. It is therefore important to her that the students find their own way and also have the opportunity to follow their intuition during the practice.