Petra Schwager

Yoga has accompanied Petra Schwager for over 25 years. At first it was mainly to maintain my fitness, before I recognised the full and holistic power of Yoga and its extremely positive effect on improving mental strength and mindfulness. In my work, I  promote environment protection programmes in developing countries. Yoga always travels along and stimulates openness, focus and serenity. The sustainability thought of Yoga is very close to my heart.

“The Bali Yoga teacher training in 2019 was a wonderful endeavour and enlightened my Yoga practice,  it is a great pleasure to share my experience with my student.”

In my classes, I wish to guide students to discover their inner strength, regain balance and self-awareness.  At the same time, they are invited to open, remain at ease and smile when moving through the different Asanas. “Always find joy and lightness in Yoga”.

Petra mainly teaches vinyasa flows varying and combining these with different topics of life and Yoga elements (in English and German).

“Yoga inspires me every day to be an agent for change and positively contribute to the well-being of our community“.