Sabine Stix

Sabine came in contact with yoga and meditation at the age of 22 but could not warm herself up to a regular practice. She found a new access to yoga in her early 30ies. After hospitalization and physiotherapy she was allowed to slowly adapt her body to movements again. “In this first class I found myself confronted with the fact where my body was at. It was more like a shock because I always have been quite sportiv in earlier years.” She bought a yearly membership as a motivation for a dedicated practice.

After 20 years working for well known corporations she decided to quit her job. She wanted to take the teacher training with Bikram Chaudhury in California. Sabine has been teaching internationally since 2010 and continuously takes part in workshops and further education. “The more I dive into yoga, the more it feels that I do not know anything. However, this is fine, it keeps me humble.”, she says.

Amongst her wonderful teachers are Hart Lazer and Sherie van den Wijngaard who inspire and support her with the therapeutical approach in yoga asanas. Also meditation is important to Sabine: With the Vipassana meditation she learned to rest within herself.

In Sabine’s classes you can look forward to clear instructions and individual alignment. She values the breath during asanas, helps fostering your introspection and loves the dialogue with her students to share her knowledge.

“Pull the corners of your mouth up and share this smile with others.”

Contact: | +43(0)69918058700