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Our sister company, Bali Yoga & Wellness was established in 2005 with its main focus on personal yoga & health practices for clients in the privacy of their homes, villas or hotel rooms in Bali. This specialised service is very dear to my heart, as the attention on the individual is really one of the main cornerstones of yoga and my work: creating a daily personal practice taylor-suited to your holistic wellbeing and your balance.

I am delighted to assist you with an array of  individualised offerings:

Privates & Mentoring

Yoga Privates & Mentoring are specifically adapted to your current personal needs, whether you are a just starting out on your yoga journey, want to deepen your practice or have a specific area you would like to work on. Yoga One-on-Ones not only seek to support your body's needs but venture into breathing techniques, meditation and additional yogic tools to balance your mental, emotional and spiritual well being just like an all around tune-up. Together with the physical aspects of the yoga practice, Billie also offers yogic mentoring. Yogic mentoring is not about advising or telling the student what to do, but together we explore how ancient yogic philosophies and practices can be applied to today's challenges to rebalance lives and regenerate bodies.

60 min

  • €95 5-block €90; 10-block €85 per session)
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90 min

  • €115 (5-block € 108; 10-block € 100 per session)
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120 min

  • €135

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Corporate Yoga

A powerful company is reflected by healthy and balanced employees. Holistic health and yoga programs for your company are an ideal opportunity to strengthen motivation, well-being and community spirit.

A solid and balanced team for a successful company

Each company is different and has specific work and employment structures. We will develop an individual health concept for you and your employees, with you together. We offer both private and group lessons in your company.

Our offers for companies and business customers include:

  • Vitalising Morning Yoga
  • LUNCH YOGA: Relaxation and yoga during the lunch break
  • Fit in the evening
  • Stress reduction, meditation and relaxation
  • Personal training for executives and individual support
  • Seminars and workshops on Yoga, Ayurveda and meditation
  • Stress management and burn-out prevention

What impact can Yoga have on my employees?

Yoga is a holistic practice that affects the physical as well as the psychological well-being. The practice stimulates the metabolism, stretches muscles, releases tension and builds strength. Quiet phases are used to allow time for relaxation and facilitate the activation of the parasympathetic nervous-system (responsible for relaxation). These phases are essential for counteracting the release of stress hormones.

Your advantages

  • Balanced employees
  • Dealing effectly with everyday stress
  • Learning relaxation techniques
  • Increase inner awareness
  • Improved efficiency due to increased concentration
  • Reduction of anxiety and tension



per session

  • 30-45 minutes: €60
  • 60 minutes: €75
  • 90 minutes: €95
  • 20% extra charge for any additional student above 2
  • Travel fees: €20 / Outer districts €40 (incl. VAT)
  • €130 minimum fee if less attendants
  • Cancelation Policy: 24 hours before we charge 50%; Same day cancelations we charge 100%